Pictures Around Cromer
A Wheatfield, with Cypresses

Vincent van Gogh

A Wheatfield, with Cypresses, van Gogh, Bus Station

A Wheatfield, with Cypresses

Vincent van Gogh

A Wheatfield, with Cypresses is on show at Cromer Bus Station …

Vincent van Gogh Wheat Field with Cypresses
A Wheatfield, with Cypresses, Vincent van Gogh
The National Gallery

Bought, Courtauld Fund, 1923

A Wheatfield, with Cypresses, 1889

Vincent van Gogh

Oil on canvas, 72.1 × 90.9 cm

Van Gogh painted several versions of A Wheatfield, with Cypresses during the summer of 1889, while he was a patient in the psychiatric hospital of Saint-Paul de Mausole, in the village of St-Rémy in the south of France. A first version, which he described as a study, was painted on site in late June 1889. The National Gallery’s painting, which was completed in September while Van Gogh was confined to his hospital room, is the finished version. He also made a smaller copy of it for his mother and sister.


Detail from Vincent Van Gogh, ‘Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear’, 1889 London, Courtauld Institute Gallery

Vincent van Gogh

1853 – 1890

Van Gogh is today one of the most popular of the Post-Impressionist painters, although he was not widely appreciated during his lifetime. He is now famed for the great vitality of his works which are characterised by expressive and emotive use of brilliant colour and energetic application of impastoed paint. The traumas of his life, documented in his letters, have tended to dominate and distort modern perceptions of his art.

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